Sunday, April 29, 2007

Go Anna!

Last night was the annual performance by the Mini-Saints at Faith. This is Anna's last year in the choir. Jared and I, along with the family including two of my uncles from out of town, my aunt Wendy, my grandma Edie, and my parents, all gathered last night for the Saturday evening performance. This year, the story of Joseph was told through dancing and singing. All of the kiddos did an amazing job, and I just wanted to devote this post to congratulating them!

Here are some photos of the kids in action...

Jesse and Anna fighting over a scroll

Anna rockin out with her two best friends, Jesse and Steph

Jessi, Anna, Steph

Uncle Tom, Grandma Edie, Aunt Wendy, The Star: Anna Norquist, Uncle Dan, Papar, Marma

1 comment:

Kim N. said...

You and Anna look a lot alike! (Well not the tummy department)

The play was lots of fun!

My son ,Mikale, and Anna used to play together (back when the opposite sex wasn't yucky).