Monday, November 20, 2006

My Fast Morning Commute

This morning I am feeling refreshed and happy. I am no longer feeling like a single mom. The 11-year-old, and the puppy(equivalent to a baby) are safe at home with their real parents... (Now I know why my mom is tired so often)

The other reason that I feel so refreshed this morning is because I got an extra hour of sleep-- just not on purpose. I am supposed to be to work at 7:30. I woke up this morning, warm and comfortable, and the first thought that popped into my head was "Wow! I feel rested! I am surprised my alarm hasn't gone off yet! This is wonderful!" Then, just as I rolled over to snuggle back to sleep, I decided I wanted to know how much longer I had. So I leaned over the edge of my bed to look at the clock (on the floor). My brain did not comprehend what it saw at first... then it clicked-- it was 7:20!!! My heart started beating wildly as I literally FLEW out of bed. I hastily grabbed a bra, and the first pair of jeans I found. I ran downstairs with items in hand, while dialing Cara frantically to tell her of my peril. She was, of course, cool and collected and told me to just slow down and not worry about it. I hung up, threw the phone on the table, and ripped off my shirt in the middle of the kitchen. (Let me remind you that I was not thinking clearly at this point, since there are windows surrounding me on every side. The huge sliding glass door in front of me, the kitchen sink window to my left, and the large bay window directly to my rear. Let's just hope all the neighbors were not late for work this morning and had already left!)
After throwing on the remainder of my clothes, I ran back up to my closet, realizing I had not grabbed socks or a sweatshirt. Standing in my closet, I had a short brain lapse at to what time is was, and stood there trying to decided which sweatshirt would look best with my outfit... going back and forth, perusing each choice... Then it hit me: "You idiot! Just grab a sweatshirt and GET GOING!!!!" So I did.

So let me tell you how I look: No make-up. Hair unbrushed hanging limply behind my ears. Bright pink T-shirt. Navy "Mesaba Airlines" zip-up sweatshirt. Blue jeans. Gray socks with sky-blue fowers on them. White tennis shoes.

Not a pretty sight.


Cara said...

I thought you looked beautiful this morning..... and I am sure that Emma didn't even notice a difference!

kristi noser said...

I'm thinking you need a phone in your bedroom...

erin said...

LOL. Good story. If you've only been late for work ONCE, you're doing pretty good. If I'm ON TIME for work ONCE in a week, I'm pleased. I'm sure you looked great. : )