Thursday, September 13, 2012

Feeling Not Good

Jazlyn: Mom, I jis feel not good.

Me: Jaz, can you tell me what feels bad?

Jazlyn: There are little animals inside my body and they are biting my bones and that makes me feel not good.

Me: There are little animals inside your body?! What kind of animals??

Jazlyn: A lion. A zebra. A giraffe. A penguin. And a frog.

Me: A lion, a zebra, a giraffe, a penguin and a frog?? Wow! I am very sorry they are biting your bones!

Jazlyn: Mama!

Me: Yes, Jazlyn?

Jazlyn: Jesus makes me burp. And the burps makes me sick.

Me, smiling: I sure love you, Jazlyn.

Jazlyn, beaming: Mama! One guy jis burped in my tummy! It was the lion.


April Watson said...

I LOVE these kinds of conversations! They bring me so much joy and make the craziness just a little more bearable. Thanks for sharing. It made me smile...

ladaisi said...

Awwww, how cute ... and possibly terrifying, lol.

I'm sick too :( I feel all y'all's pain.

I tagged you for the Leibster Award - 11 Things About You meme! No pressure either which way ;)

Ninh Vu said...

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Melissa said...

Too adorable! So creative.

<3 Melissa

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