Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Sophia was in the midst of instruction after committing a series of heinous crimes, when the following conversation ensued...

Me: Sophia, you are letting sin win in your heart. Jesus is fighting against the sin in your heart, but you need to need fight against the sin too, and help Jesus to win in your heart. Do you want sin to win? Or Jesus to win?

Sophia, (pointing to her chest): Mom, Jesus is playing golf in there?


Kara Jo said...

BAHAHAaaaaaaaa!!! Oh my gosh that's hilarious! How do you keep a straight face after that?

simple tips to lose weight said...

That's just way too funny. You gotta laugh.

Btw, momma of two (you look too young for that)

Sarah Weeks
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julie moore said...

Ha ha that's so cute. I love thethings kids say. My husband would love the reference to golf.