Monday, July 25, 2011

Flynn Vidal

Flynn Vidal

The good Lord saw fit to invite our sweet precious baby to live with Him in heaven today. Through our deep sadness at missing out on Flynn's life here in our family, we know in our hearts that he got the best life possible right from the start. So we have cause to be jealous of sweet baby Flynn.

We told Sophia and Jazlyn how wonderful their brother's life is in Heaven, and that he is playing with Jesus, and Grandma Jan, right now. Sophia has shed several tears for her lost sibling, which is one of the first glimpses of true compassion we have seen born in her heart (and thus makes Mama burst into a fresh round of tears).


I was seven weeks along when Flynn went to his new home. We asked Sophia and Jazlyn if they thought the baby was a boy or girl. They both shouted "BOY!" So there ya have it. It was a boy. And when asked what we should name our baby boy, Sophia dreamily crooned, "Flynn Ryyyyder." (Tangled, anyone?) Jazlyn agreed wholeheartedly. And that's how Flynn was chosen.

Jared has a lot of Italian blood in his veins, so we had decided last week that for this baby we wanted to choose an Italian name. After I realized I was miscarrying, I felt an urgent need to find a perfect name to honor our precious baby. When I read the meaning of the name "Vidal," I couldn't hold it together anymore. I knew it was the right name. It was perfect. Vidal means "full of life." We know that Flynn is more full of life now than he ever would've been here.

We love you Flynn Vidal.


erin said...

I just typed out a whole paragraph, but nothing seems right to say.
I am praying for you...I love you...I'm thankful for you...God is good.
I'm so sorry.

angie said...

oh, naomi, i am heartbroken to hear of your loss. i'm so sorry.

Anonymous said...

It is never easy to lose a child.... Your family's special Celebration of Life is a great way to create memories of Flynn for yourselves and your children. I love that the first letters of his name are "Fly." My thoughts are with you guys as you go through this time.

Our family lost a baby girl at about 5 months in utero (baby number four). Many things have made me think of her over the years... birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, births, first days of school, graduations, holidays, you name it. I often think of her and the person she would have been here on Earth. Every anniversary of her leaving us and also her proposed due date are small reminders that: she was here; she is in a far better place; God is working his plan; and this world is not our home! I look forward to the day that we will meet at the feet of Jesus.

Take care of yourselves. Things like this make you appreciate so much how blessed we are and how important family is.