Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Monkey Butt

Ever since Brody solved the mystery of crawling a few days ago, all I see is his rear end. I missed his sweet face smiling at me all day...

Problem solved.


Kara Jo said...

Aw. Love it! Also love the house counter!

erin said...

Love it!
Love the counter, too.
KJ stole my post.

ladaisi said...

This post made me laugh! Ever since my kiddo started walking he doesn't have nearly as much time to just sit on my lap. In fact, he really only wants to do that when I'm working.

But every minute is precious.

Thanks for all your wonderful comments on my blog! We seem to have much in common!

Happy holidays!

- Lauren

Jennifer said...

it made me laugh ..

cute butt huh !!

nice post ..

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