Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lovely Locks

Sophia and I have really been enjoying our afternoons together while the young'ns are napping...

Sophia worked her magic once again!

Camera ready

Picture perfect

Ready for a date with my little man

He reeeeallly liked my hair... I'm not kidding. He wanted to eat it.

Me and my personal hair dresser

(And by the way, Sophia took a lot of these photos. Not bad for a 3 year old!)


ladaisi said...

Came across your blog clicking "next" up above and wanted to say these photos are just adorable!

My three year old son likes to play with my hair, but he's nowhere near as artistic.

- Lauren

Pramod said...

she is adorable ....
nice work with the lens , true and innocent .

erin said...

LOVE it! She is quite the photographer! And you look BEAUTIFUL! :)

Jennifer said...

you are stunningly beautiful ..

even the kids hehe
nice hairstyle and a cute hairdresser and photographer too ..

nice bonding with the kids ..

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