Friday, May 28, 2010

May Daze

Since it has been almost a MONTH since I posted, I guess I'll fill you in on our May.

Mr. Brodes is getting very big and strong. He LOVES tummy time, and sleeps like a baby at night!

Oh! Look what else he learned this month! (He's not supposed to learn this yet!) But he is an old pro at it now.

Popcicles are a special summer treat that the girls rarely get.
No, I can't stop to smile at you Mom. I have a popcicle.
Fountain tail! This is how my mom did my hair in every childhood picture I have ever seen :) I can see why.

It's adorable!

Sophia soaking up the sun. You can pretty much find us out in the front yard any time of the day. We all adore the sunshine. And the kiddie pool.

Family walk! Brody's first time in the stroller!


Kara Jo said...

Such fun memories you are capturing all over the place! Can't believe Brody is rolling over all ready. Love the whale spout on Jaz! (That's Courtney's typical 'do, dad calls it her plants or her tree.) And so fun that you get to be with your kiddos every day as a SAHM, enjoying the lazy days of summer--and popsicles to boot!

Ariel said...

Aw! Thanks for sharing photos! Can't wait to hug or hold Sophie, Jazzy and Brody sometime soon!

The Smackeys said...

I miss the babies! And you! I love sassy little Sophia sunning herself and Jaz's little fountain. Eeeek! They are TOO cute! Brody is getting so big! Give them a kiss for me :) And hug yourself for me while you're at it.