Monday, September 28, 2009

12 Weeks

Last night I had some girls over, and they asked if I had a bump yet. I pulled up my shirt to reveal the answer and there was a small round of "oooooh"s! I guess it's time to start taking the weekly photos.

My most exciting moment this week was when I felt the baby for the first time! Two precious little kicks one night in bed, and then another one last night!

One of the most precious moments of each day is when Sophia comes over, smiles and pats my belly and says happily "Baby!!" Then she reaches up and kisses my belly. I love these moments.

I am very happy to report that my raging appetite has begun to subside. My hunger is on a much more normal level these days. I have also started to regain some energy, which is such a blessing.

Craving of the Week: meatloaf


erin said...

How did the meatloaf turn out???
I'm glad you're getting energy back. I was just thinking it might be time to start taking photos myself...

carrie said...

meatloaf? I find that a strange craving.

Ariel said...

Sophia kissing the baby is so sweet!

angie said...

all i can think now is "mmmm, meatloaf."
but yay! glad things are going well, and so glad little sophia is excited, too!