Wednesday, September 23, 2009

11 Weeks

I went to my first prenatal appointment yesterday, and saw Fern for the first time (my new midwife). She was just as incredible as everyone says, and I am looking forward to being under her care for the duration of this pregnancy.

I was able to hear baby's heartbeat! Yup. It's still amazing. They had a hard time pinning baby down, because s/he was moving around so much! Fern declared it must be a boy, with how active the little bugger was being! Baby has a good strong heartbeat at 168 bpm. Everything else at the appointment was review, nothing noteworthy. I'm healthy, baby's healthy, enough said.

For most women, this is the point in the pregnancy where their sickness starts to subside. It's just the opposite for me. I have been more sick lately than I was during the beginning of the pregnancy. There are usually a couple of days a week that I feel extremely nauseous, exhausted, and have a throbbing headache. I am just so thankful that I don't feel that way constantly (sorry Erin!).

I am starting to grow and it is getting ever-more noticeable. I have also noticed a funny phenomenon. Every time I eat, my belly grows by three months. After an hour or two of digestion, it shrinks back a month at a time. I think my muscles are so stretched out that it just spills out all over the place when any pressure is put to it. Ha ha!

Craving of the week: blended drinks (smoothies), steak gyros, bulgoli


Kara Jo said...

Yay! I'm glad you get to have Ferny-pooh! Love her. What's Bulgoli?

Naomi said...

KJ- bulgolgi is a Korean steak marinade. It is to die for. We use it on chicken all the time too.