Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sew Proud

My newest obsession... making purses. I have a dozen different patterns I want to try in a million different fabrics.

My first project was a "double duty" diaper bag/purse.

Completely reversible

Plenty of pockets for baby supplies AND mommy supplies, and a nice roomy middle pocket for diapers, treats, bibs, etc.

I love my new bag. I stayed up til 1:30am finishing it, and kinda wanted to take it to bed with me. I am kinda proud.


carrie said...

Can I put in a request for a bag and a sling carrier?

Naomi said...

For who Carrie?!? ;)

Kara Jo said...

Adorable. How much are you charging?

Ben said...

Nice bag! Ariel and I love it.

Looking forward to seeing you and the family in a few weeks!

erin said...

Awesome!!! Good work!