Saturday, July 04, 2009


WARNING: Graphic account of bodily functions.

Sophia is becoming increasinly interested in... bodily functions. Specifically, her own. So two days ago, I set her on the toilet. She was very intrigued and proud. And extremely cute :) She sat on the potty three times that day. Yesterday, Daddy noticed her starting to grunt and rushed her to the bathroom. She had her first poopy in the toilet!! Then a couple hours later, she ran up to me, grabbing her bottom repeating "Paypies! Paypies!" (Poopies) so we ran to the bathroom again, and she pooped like a champ!

The Flip 'N Flush toilet seat lid (in hot pink) is on its way. When it arrives, potty training begins.
*I resisted the temptation to post the photos of the mammoth poop she dropped and the look of pride on her face, and the one of her waving bye bye to her poopy. I think it's cute, but I don't want to see pictures of your kids poop either.


carrie said...

that is so awesome that she is all for training - it will go so much better when she is actually ready for it too.

erin said...

What a big girl!!!
Also, thank you for your restraint.