Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lexus Shmexus

Since its debut in 1989, Lexus has developed a reputation for the luxury and reliability of its vehicles, along with the quality of its customer service. In 2007, consumer ratings firm J.D. Power and Associates named Lexus the most reliable brand in the U.S. based on its Vehicle Dependability Survey, a measure of over 53,000 vehicle owners and the problems they experienced in the first three years of vehicle ownership. It was the thirteenth consecutive year that Lexus achieved this top rating. In recent years, Consumer Reports has also named Lexus among the top five most reliable brands in its Annual Car Reliability Surveys of over one million vehicles nationwide. -Wikipedia

These were the expectations we held when we researched cars every single day for TWO MONTHS last year. We even subscribed to Consumer Reports to get their take on who was making the most reliable car. Jared wanted to buy a car that would run for years to come, give us minimal problems, be very reliable, and very safe for baby and me. Lexus fit the bill in every way. We heard stories from people and the amazing qualities of a Lexus. Consumer Reports gave us rave reviews. Co-workers firmly stood behind the Lexus name. We were sold. So we bought our very own amazing Lexus. We were so sold on Lexus that Jared even flew to Michigan to pick it up, and drive it home. We bought a beautiful RX300, with 63,000 miles on it and a sparkling clean service history. We bought it from an older couple, so we assume it was treated pretty well. This car was perfect. Every oil change had been done at a Lexus dealership. The service history records couldn't be cleaner.

We have owned it now for 9 months. We have brought it in to the dealership for two oil changes in that time, and have always been blown away by the customer service. There is a lounge to wait in while your car is being worked on, complete with free coffee, juice, cappiccino, soda, cookies, donuts, granola bars, magazines, internet, telephones, a large fire place, tables, couches, a flat screen TV, and a child's playroom. Very impressive, right?



erin said...

uh oh.

Jodi said...

Two oil changes in 9 months? That doesn't seem like enough and could be the reason for the troubles. My car needs one every month and a half or so, I drive so much!