Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm Tired

I am tired.

Sophia, Poppy and I are all contributing to my fatigue.

Sophia= Sicky bear. She has been having a rough couple of days (and nights), and has been my Little Miss Crankypuss. She frequently awakens at night. Yesterday, she was fighting off her cold big time and ended up sleeping ALL DAY, and so last night was playtime. :(

Poppy= Need I even explain how Poppy is contributing? I am growing a human. Enough said.

Me= We are moving. In two days. I have been staying up all night with Sophia. Packing. Organizing. Labeling. Cooking. Cleaning. Blogging. It takes a lot out of ya.

I am very excited to move, and be done with it. I look forward to being settled in at Gary's for the year, and not having to think about packing anymore! I hate moving. It is a lot of work. Especially while also caring for a 4 month old, and brewin' another. So, yes, I am tired. Caffeine would be my best friend, but not Poppy's, and my devotion lies with me kids.

Okay. I am done whining.

Thankfully, Cara and Josh are stocking us up on boxes, and Mom and Dad are coming to help us pack this weekend. Yipee! Thank goodness for friends and family!


erin said...

Two days?! I thought you had more time. I will come help!!

-V- said...

You're a trooper, babe! Yes, I can see Gary's being a safe haven of rest for awhile - friends and family are SO dear always, and especially through these life transitions... Blessings as you get situated!

Cara said...

I hope you can get some much-needed rest, and I hope Emma isn't contributing to your exhaustedness! Hang in there, and Let us know if we can help!

Kara Jo said...

Oh my goodness, Naomi! Say no more; you have every reason to be exhausted. (I'd be stressed out to the max, in addition.)

Erin, maybe if you help Naomi, that will qualify as additional nesting and put you into labor sooner...just hoping for you. :)