Friday, June 01, 2007


I have not felt very moved toward blogging lately. We have been struggling through a whirwind of activities for the past week and a half, but I still didn't feel like any of it was worth blogging about.

So here are my favorite most recent news tidbits:

1. We cleaned, washed, vaccummed, polished and scrubbed the Ford this week, took pictures and listed it for sale. Someone came to look at it within 24 hours of listing it.

2. We went through our garage and cleaned out several large items, and listed them for sale on Craig's List. Items include: knotty pine dining table, 2 paintball guns, new Alverez guitar, and papazan chair. I LOVE getting rid of stuff. We already have WAY TOO MUCH of it.

3. We bought engineered wood flooring for our living room. We are going to rip out the nasty potty carpet that Bumper has been decorating over the past year, and put some beautiful, STERILE wood down. I don't fancy the idea of our little Precious crawling through the potty playland.

4. Jared was able to trade some days at work, so he can now attend Andy and Shannon's wedding in New Jersey next weekend. We are about 90% sure he would not be able to go.

5. My Papar and Marm have been getting more and more excited about the baby's arrival and everytime I go to their house, they have something new in preparation. Last week it was a baby gate, this week Mom made three homemade bibs. They also ordered a crib mattress for us! It is the #1 rated crib mattress by Consumer Reports. Our child already has the best grandparents in the world!

6. We are going this afternoon to pick up the glider and ottoman for our nursery.

That's all for now, folks.

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Mandi said...

I love getting rid of stuff too! Feels so good to clean up and make new space!