Monday, June 11, 2007

Congratultions Andy and Shannon!

I spent Wednesday through Sunday of this week in Tom's River, New Jersey, witnessing the union of my brother to his new wife. It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony that I was honored to be a part of. I honestly believe that Andy could not have found a more perfect woman. I love Shannon to death. God is so much a part of their relationship and their every interaction that it would be an understatment to say "Obviously God brought these two together." Their relationship and understanding of what marriage truely means, even before they were married, amazes me. They both understand and fully embrace the fact that marriage is a representation, a picture, of how God loves the church. That is something I definately did not understand prior to getting married, and have only learned through the example of precious people like this. So here is to Andy and Shannon!

Shannon and Andy


So in love...

The beautiful bride

Anna, Shinae, Andy, Ben, Naomi

The Newly weds and their parents:
Tim, Pat, Shannon, Andy, Becky, Jim

The last time the whole Norquist family will be together for a VERY LONG TIME...
Ben and Ariel, Josh and Shinae, Anna, Andy and Shannon, Becky and Jim, Naomi and Jared

Shannon feeling pretty pumped to be Mrs. Norquist!

Me and my beauitful new sister!

Shannon and Andy making their escape
I love you two so much, and am saddened that we are so far apart...

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erin said...

What a gorgeous wedding!