Thursday, January 11, 2007

God-Sent Strength

Yesterday I got a call from my brother, Andy, which is always a very exciting thing. As time goes on, I see less and less of him. The news he had to share, however, created a mixture of joy and immediate sadness within me. First, let me explain his situation...
He just graduated in May from Rhode Island School of Design-- a pretty well-known art grad school. Since then, he has been applying for jobs across the country, hoping to find a good job in a related field. As you know, the upper mid-west, is not bursting forth with art culture. Sure, there are a few art museums and galleries, but NOTHING in comparison to the East Coast. So obviously, he had a much better chance of getting a "good" job in some art capital like New York. (Score one for the East Coast.) But secretly, I have been hoping for some amazing opportunity to open up here in the farmfields of the upper midwest. Anyways, since graduation, Andy has also taken on a fiance! Her family all lives in New Jersey. (Score two for the East Coast.) The situation was looking pretty grim from my standpoint, and I began to prepare myself for the worst. Yesterday, the worst came. Andy had an interview at his alma mater in Rhode Island, and got the job(!) The instant reaction that flooded my body was a deep, sad, sinking feeling. But I put aside my selfish desires and feelings, and let Andy shine for that moment. I knew this was a job he wanted very much, and that it would provide a wonderful life for him and his new bride. So I rejoiced with him through my hurt and disapointment. The strength it took to put aside my feelings is not something I could have ever conjured on my own. My God was with me yesterday for those minutes on the phone. So I thank God for the strength He provided me that I may let another shine, and I thank Him for providing Andy with this dream job, which I know he will excel at and enjoy.


Papar said...

I love you my Foofy. It brought tears to my eys and a knot in my throat to read this post as it unfolded, diplaying the deep love you feel for Andy.
I, too, am in conflict with the dread I feel as Andy plans to move the next phase of his life so far away from home and the joy that he has found with the award of this new position.
Joy wins out, knowing that he will share this new beginning with the beautiful (inside and out)woman he has chosen for his bride. (I love you too Shannon!)

kristi noser said...

Dear Naomi,
I too was a lot upset when our oldest son decided to become an East Coaster. Now I find it an awesome place to visit, and he is a really great tour guide in NYC. So keep your head up, girl, and plan that vacation!

erin said...

Kristi's right! You can visit him all the time--especially with your hubby's perks! I know what it's like to have a brother far away. No fun at all. Hang in there, friend. (I'm so happy for Andy!)