Sunday, January 07, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

I am incredibly bad at making quick decisions... as many of you found out at the Lia Sophia party this week. Decisions have always been a weak point for me. My mind reels with the benefits and joys of each option I have, and thus, I have a very difficult time narrowing down my options. Eventually though, I do somehow narrow them down. But I am afraid I am stuck in a rut at this point in the process. For some reason, my lucky number is 3 (or rather, my unlucky number). I always narrow down my options to 3, get stuck and cannot narrow any further, and then just get frustrated trying to choose from there. Then, my mind starts playing tricks on me. I finally think that I have made up my mind and just as I am gearing up to take action, the other two options pop back into my head and torment me until my resolve is broken into pieces. Now these decisions of which I speak, are usually the frivolous, trivial things of life, such as: Should I wear my dark gray sweater, my light gray sweater, or my white button-up shirt with this purple tank top? Or, should I buy these earrings, this braclet, or that anklet? Get the gist? Rarely is the war within me over important issues, because I just hand those directly over to Jared who has an amazingly logical and analytical brain. He helps me see the wisest choice so crystal clear that it makes me question why there were even other options in my head. Silly though it may be, I fear I shall never rid myself of this weakness.


kristi noser said...

Naomi, I am at the other end of the line from you. I make really quick decisions and later regret some of them. Be thankful that you are one to think things over, and that God gave you Jared to take on the toughies!

erin said...

I have a lot of trouble making decisions, too. I struggle for a long time about what to do, get frustrated and make a snap decision out of frustration which usually turns out to be the wrong choice. I think you're probably better off than me. Do you know how many camera cases I returned until I found the right one? FOUR.