Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Stocking Stuffers

I finally got all the presents bought for my dear husband (which always sounds easier than it proves to be). I want to get him gifts that he will not only like, but will be excited about. Well, yay to me! All that is behind me now. I found the greatest gifts that I am confident he will love. Today, I bought the rest of the stocking stuffers, which is always a bit of a puzzle to me. How much do you spend on stocking stuffers? In my mind, they are always an afterthought, but then once I get going, I never know where to stop. I started small with traditional "stuffer" gifts, but then my excitement grew and the gifts got bigger and more expensive until I realized I just needed to cut myself off. Tonight I wrapped them all and started packing them into his fuzzy red stocking... yeah, they don't all fit. I got too carried away. So three of his stuffers are now under the Christmas tree. Then after carefully (and very strategically) packing the gifts into his stocking I went to hang it up again. Let me explain how we jimmy-rigged our stockings. We are using tiny 3M wall hooks stuck to the side of our entertainment center, with a paper clip carefully bent into a hook. As you guessed, the strength of a paper clip is no match for the overstuffed stocking. After attempting to hang it three times, and the stocking crashing to the floor three times, I was able to bend the paper clip in a way that supported the weight. I don't know how, but I am not touching it again until Christmas!
Oh the joys of the holiday season! I love Christmas! Happy Day to all!!

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