Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas Wishes

Christmas shopping.... ahhh! The joy... and the PAIN. I love Christmas shopping and the sheer pleasure that comes when you find the perfect gift for someone on your list. And then at the next store, you find the perfect gift for...oops! that same someone on your list. This cycle repeats itself endlessly. These people are referred to as the "easy people" to shop for. Now in every family, there is at least one "hard person." In some cases, there are several "hard people."
Needless to say, I have found boundless treasures for all of my easy people, but for those hard peeps, nada, zippo, zilch, NOTHING.
This is how the institution of the Christmas Wish List came about. Which, for the agigtated shopper, is a brilliant miracle. However, when getting back to the reason for gift giving,-- mainly celebrating the birth of Jesus, the idea of telling eachother what we want for Christmas suddenly seems out of place and mildly selfish. Am I correct in this pondering? Or have I missed the mark completely? Am I accurate in the meaning behind our gift-giving? Or is there some portion of history that I have neglected and which completely justifies the institution of the Wish List?

Now, true, I know my ponderings have pierced your hearts and convinced you to do away with your Wish List forever. But before you do that, just ask your family and friends this simple question: "Am I easy...? Or am I hard?" All you hard people out there... let's not be too hasty. These ponderings are not for your need-nothing selves. Bring on the Wish Lists! These thoughts of mine are for the easy crowd. Merry Christmas.


Papar said...

Hi Foofy,

Am I an "easy" or a "hard"?

Your Papar

naomirose said...

Besides the easy cop out idea of getting you DVDs, I am afraid that sometimes you are a "hard." So sorry. I rejoice that you gave me so many wonderful ideas this year, and now your special package is wrapped in pretty paper and nestled under our sparkling tree, just waiting to be opened!

erin said...

I have no idea--am I easy or hard? Let it be known, I was fairly well-behaved in college.

naomirose said...

Erin- you're easy.

Marm said...

You know the whole thing about the wish list? I recently heard a story about a person whose parents always wanted the gifts to be surprises so they never got what the person really wanted and asked for. And it affected, at least in some small way, the way this person views the heavenly Father, i.e. that if they have a specific prayer request they think God may not give them what they want.Marm