Saturday, August 04, 2012

Drab to Fab

Allow me to show you one of the reasons I cringe at having dinner guests:
because we make them sit on THESE hideous beasts.
(The ONLY reason there is a BEFORE photograph of these gross chairs, is because there is an AFTER.)
 We received these chairs used, but in pristine condition. Our kids have managed to destroy them in less than a year. Gross. I would have taken a close up, but did not want to make my dear readers gag. We considered buying a new set of wooden chairs, but holy money trees! (As in, we would have to plant many, many money trees in order to afford that. Or just chop the trees to make wooden chairs...) So, we decided on reupholstering. We actually made this decision last year when we bought the chairs (you know, back when they were unadulterated), but then decided to wait until they were gross and then take the plunge. We have arrived. They are gross. We took the plunge. I went to JoAnn Fabrics last week and chose a few (okay, maybe fifty) fabrics I liked, took pictures of them all, and came home to view each fabric with the room. We chose one, got it cut, grabbed four cans of Scotch Guard, brought it home, and remade our chairs from drab to fab in 2 hours flat and $50 down! I call that a success.


We even tested out the "water repellent, stain resistant" claims by pouring water on the chairs ON PURPOSE. Folks, the water beaded up and rolled right off. GO SCOTCH GUARD! I am in love.

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Carrie Moritz said...

great job Naomi! I have those chairs that are a slip cover and are supposed to be changeable. They are all different colors. It would be nice to do this and have them all match.