Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Celtic Knot Headband

I found a tutorial on Pinterest for this Celtic Knot Headband, and decided to give it a shot! I made my own tutorial, so that you all can give it a try too. It took less than 10 minutes, and there is no sewing. My kind of project!

Find some jersey stretch material. Old t-shirts work really well. I used an old jersey sheet.

Cut 1-inch strips as long as you need to fit around your head with plenty extra to tie it.  If you want to make an infant headband, only use two strips. If you want a thicker headband, cut four to six strips.

Stretch the strips tightly.

The jagged edges will curl up.

Ok, ready to start knotting. I doubled up two strips for added bulk. This becomes Strip #1. Lay strip #1 as shown below, making sure the RIGHT side of the strip is on top.

Lay Strip #2 on top of Strip #1 as shown.

Pull the RIGHT tail of Strip #1 OVER Strip #2

Pull the LEFT tail of Strip #2 UNDER the loop of Strip #1

Ok, this is the trickiest part. Pull the RIGHT tail of Strip #2 OVER the loop of Strip #1, and UNDER the tail of Strip #2.
This is how it will look.

Now grab all the tails, and slowly pull to tighten the knot.


Now, you can stop there, but if you want a bigger knot, just throw in a regular knot on each end to enlarge the knotted area.

Like so.

Then, find an adorable kid like this one, and tie it on!

Or, for a little boho flare, tie it on yourself!


Kandi said...

SWEET! That looks way cool! Of course, my head is swimming from reading the tutorial...strip #1 over, under, and around strip #3..wait...
Way to go, Naomi! You could probably make a bundle selling these. I'd wear one to the Irish Fair next month. (Hint, hint...) Think of it as free advertising. ;)

Naomi said...

Kandi I would LOVE to make you one! Is the cream color ok? I also have cobalt blue. Send me a message on Fb with your address so I can send it off to you! ;)

ladaisi said...

I LOVE that! It's so adorable and hippie!

Krystyna said...

Very nice blog.

Leigh Ann said...

cute town! Going to the beach this weekend... with this headband!

Allie Jo Dreadfulwater said...

What an incredible idea. Thank you! Perfect for upcoming Peace Corps adventures.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! I will attempt to make one for my 20 moth old:) Do you think this might work with an old pair of jeans, too???
Thanks for the inspiration...

Junaid Walayat said...

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