Friday, August 27, 2010

State Fair: 2010

The fam: Jazi and Sophia, Anna, Baboo, Grandma, me, and Brodes
Enjoying the wagon ride!
Enjoying the shoulder ride!

Rest stop
Bestest buds
Wine tasting in the Horticulture building
Me and my little man
Me and my little princess
The cousins loved riding together!

Sweet as honey
Cheesy as... cheese.
Multi-tasking. Well done Baboo :)
Cheeeese cuuurds!
Laying in the wagon for a ride! SUPER FUN MAMA!!
Nitro ice cream, Anna charged a kiss for every bite :)


Ariel said...

Looks like a lot a fun! Wish we could have joined you...

erin said...

AWESOME! Looks fantastic!