Tuesday, July 06, 2010

New York in Pictures

Ready to go to New York!

Walking in the terminal with Daddy
Armed with coloring books for the plane

Through security, on to the gate!

The last pic we have of Jaz and Monkey together...
Riding the tram to our gate.
Even Mr. Brodes is excited to go to NY!

Coloring her new Princess sticker/coloring book
About the time we realized Monkey was missing :(

Jaz and her Great Papa Vinton!

Sophia and Great Papa. Both of the girls took to him immediately!

Our new nephew, Samuel, and Brody. Two months apart!

Papa swimming with all his girls

I wonder if anybody will notice if I take this root beer...

Mr. Brodes bouncing on the beach ball

Roasting marshmallows!

Family campfire


Kisses for Great Papa

Every morning the girls snuggled Great Papa and watching cartoons together

Playing in the creek that Jared played in as a little boy. We spent all morning here one morning.

Jazlyn and her new BFF, Ashley (Jared's second cousin)

My handsome hub

Papa played in this creek as a little boy too!

My precious Jazlyn.
My Colezy
All of us in the creek

The toad that Daddy's sacrificed his leg for (see below)
Sophia and her toad

Daddy's leg-egg from diving into the creek after Sophia dropped her toad and starting screaming for Daddy to catch it.

Four generations: Vinton, Gary, Jared, Broderic

Time to go home. We tried to stuff Ashley in our suitcase and bring her home with us, but her mom wouldn't let us :(


carrie said...

great photos!

Kara Jo said...

Fun to see pics. Jared's leg...ouch! And I'm feeling sad for little Jaz and her lost monkey. :(
Did you fly standby?

Jodi said...

Looks like a great trip!

Earl said...

Yep, flew standby. It was down to the wire too and we didnt think we were going to make it out to NY but had plenty of room on the way back. It went smooth both ways and we even got first class on the return flight.