Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Life Right Now

Welcome to my house! Come in and make yourself comfortable... if you can find a place to do so.

My girls "cleaning"

Mr. Brodes

Pool time!!

Buried in babies

Sophia literally cannot get enough of her new brother. A very common sight...

She is such a tender little mommy

Wolverine. Enough said.

First bath in his tub!

Sophia camped out in the kitchen. Looks comfy right?
My handsome little man
More Sophie/Brody bonding moments

Holdin hands :)


Jodi said...

What beautiful pictures! Our apartment usually looks like your first picture too! I keep telling myself it'll pass, but I'm not so sure. . .

carrie said...

Brody has grown so much already! Love the photos!

erin said...

Oh my gosh, the one of Brody looking right at Sophia made me cry. LOVE these. Thanks for sharing.
I miss you, my friend.
Also, Jared is a talented man to snuggle THREE babies at once. I am mightily impressed. :)

Kara Jo said...

Love the pictures. :)

angie said...

such sweetness! i love your family. it looks like you are all doing wonderfully. :)

Lauren said...

Buried in Babies: we used to call that a "Duffert Pile." It's one of those memories from childhood you never really forget. :)