Thursday, May 07, 2009

This is Why I Married Him

We went to Kara Jo and Wade's for dinner tonight (thank you KJ!), and had a great time. Here is a tidbit from the evening, when both Abby and Emily were dangling from my husband...

Abby: "You look like some movie star."
Jared: "Well don't say Brad Pitt, cuz I get that all the time."
Abby and Emily: "Pit! Pit! Ha! Pit! ARMPIT!! JARED ARMPIT!! YOU ARE JARED ARMPIT!!"

Which we called him for the rest of the night.

1 comment:

Kara Jo said...

Are you saying you married him for his armpits?

Nathan thought that was a riot...he continued the little mantra all the way up until bedtime. Could hear him muttering "Jared Armpit Jared Armpit Jared Armpit" as I tucked him in and kissed him goodnight.

BTW, Emily and I just had um...two or 3 of your delicious smore bars, and Emily wants to know when I will be making those too. You've set quite a precedent!