Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Sophia is making leaps and bounds in the smart department this week. She has started saying real words! She can repeat easy words. She watches our lips and listens to the word a couple times, then she gives it a try. The best part is how big her smile is after she says a new word. She is almost as proud of herself, as we are of her!

Some of her growing vocabulary...
-Nay Nay (Uncle Nathan)
-Dosh (Uncle Josh)
-Sitty (Kitty)


Shinae said...

Yay for Sophie!!!

Kara Jo said...

Love that developing vocabulary--so fun!

Say, Courtney wanted to say thank you for including her in the book exchange, but she says she's pretty good and stocked on books from her 3 older siblings, so she's gonna pass this time. :)

erin said...

What a big girl! I love her. Give her a squeeze and a kiss (lips closed, please) for me.

Naomi said...

What is a closed mouth kiss? I doesn't understand.
Love, Sophia