Friday, October 17, 2008

Dear Jared,

You are an amazing man, husband and father. Thank you for serving me wholeheartedly this past week. Thank you for spending so much time with me at home, and for all the help around the house. Thank you for dedicating yourself to playing with Sophia, and making sure she felt loved, while I cared for Jazlyn. Thank you for staying optimistic when I was stressed out. Thank you for working so hard for your family. Love you Babe.



jim said...

I, too, thank you Jared for more than honoring the promises you made to Becky and I that you would take good care of Naomi. You are a good man and I am VERY proud of you.


Ben said...

I bless you for doing such a good job of caring for Naomi. Thanks so much. Love you.

Kara Jo said...

Warms the heart to see the two of you honoring and serving God & each other. :)