Friday, October 26, 2007

On the Hunt

I have always had a very difficult time spending money on clothes. It seems like a luxury to buy new clothes for myself, and not something to be taken lightly. I even feel guilty when I buy myself clothes at the thrift store. So instead of feeling guilty about spending Jared's hard-earned money (our money) on something that benefits only me, I came up with the ingenious plan of asking for cash for my b-day. It worked! I have over $100 in cash and almost $50 in gift cards from which to create a new post-pregnancy wardrobe. Frankly, I am still feeling guilty that I have such a large sum of $$ to be spent solely upon myself. But on the other hand, I have been feeling very uncomfortable and unattractive trying to squeeze into clothes that don't fit right anymore.

This special birthday money will not be spent quickly or flippantly. I will shop all the sales, and find treasures on the clearance racks. Of course, the thrift store will get a visit too. I am on the hunt for new clothes to flatter my new mommy figure. (Wouldn't trade it back for anything!)

Purchases to date:
Long pink beaded necklace: $4
Adorable blue and gray striped sweater: $12
Feeling beautiful in both: priceless

(Man, I have never paid so much for a sweater! Or a necklace! Uffda!)


erin said...

LOL--you're funny!
You know you're always welcome in my closet. : )

Cara said...

Hooray for new things for Naomi! I would love to go shopping with you and help you find treasures for cheap--that is my fave thing to do!! Have fun and let me know if you want a shopping buddy.